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Greybeards at Play and The Wild Knight

by Dale Alquist
When G.K. Chesterton died in 1936, many of his obituaries predicted that he would be best remembered as a poet. This may be surprising to most of Chesterton's readers today because they are more likely drawn to him by... | Read Article

The Defendant

by Dale Alquist
Why do we like courtroom dramas? Because we like drama. We like articulated tension and heightened emotion and the thrilling confrontation. But why do we like courtroom dramas? Because we like justice and revelation and truth... | Read Article

Twelve Types (and Varied Types)

by Dale Alquist
Chestertons second book of essays, Twelve Types, (1903) has actually been misshelved with books about printing. But the types here are people, not print. They are literary and historical figures, ranging from Charlotte Bronte, William Morris... | Read Article

Robert Browning

by Dale Alquist
After publishing two collections of poems and two collections of essays, Chesterton wrote his first real book in 1903. John Morley, the editor of the English Men of Letters series, took a risk assigning the 29-year-old Chesterton to write... | Read Article

The Napoleon of Notting Hill

by Dale Alquist
When Chesterton was going to write his first novel, he had 10 shillings in his pocket. He went to Fleet Street, got a shave, ordered a large lunch for himself including a bottle of wine, and then... | Read Article


by Dale Alquist
The word heretic conjures up frightful images of controversial characters being barbecued for their beliefs. It smacks of intolerance. The very word dogmatic is perceived as being intolerant... | Read Article


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